Saturday, October 25, 2008

Leah´s moly

Last week the download of the pics from the digicam to my Mac did´t work. Today somehow I managed to get the pics on my hard drive.

Here´s Leah´s moly "Enter the Carneval":
Leah´s Moly_x_20 "Enter the Carneval"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Leah's moly "Enter the Carneval"

Leah´s "Enter the Carneval" moly
When I hear Carneval, I immediately think of the Carneval at Venice. About 12 years ago I drove all night with the bus to Italy to spend the day there during carneval season and taking the same bus back home to Germany that evening. I loved it.
I had actually planned to draw the masks full white, but can you imagine that I haven´t got a white!!! I checked out the tons of colors my kids have and they also don´t have a white. But I like it like this too.
I took a picture of the complete moly too, but somehow my mac doesn´t recognize my camera any more. So I can´t download the pics. I´m not sure why, I haven´t had that before. Any ideas?