Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Martha`s book "Place"

I feel that it`s been awhile since last time I received Lisa`s book, the pass few weeks I`ve been crazying busy and even didn`t have time doing my drawings seriousely.

so I was very happy when I found this in my doorhall, Thank you Kerstin! I absolutely love the stamps!! Thank you so much for taking my impudent request :P

The theme of Martha`s book is "Place", I myself love city view so I definitely add it to my entry.


ksklein said...

Glad you got the book. I can´t see the pics of it though.
I got Lisa´s book today!

ksklein said...

i can see the pics now. love the city scape. black and white stuff is just always my favorite.

Occam`s razor said...

sorry for the delay dear :)I was out of town yesterday.
yes, either I couldn`t see my pictures that time, sometimes blogger has this kind of problem...

Thank you! I quite enjoy drawings this :P

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful! Great line work: I love the city too.