Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Wild Moly

I`m drawing moleskine crazy lately! I got Kerstin`s book from Fuerteventura two days ago and I was totally in a drawing mood to finish my entry.
the theme of this book is Mythology, and seriously I think I didn`t do very well on my last entry, so I`m going to work harder this time, and I`m pretty happy with it turns out.
actually I was going to draw something from "The Chronicles of Narnia" 'cause it fit the book theme better, but I suddenly changed my mind....

the drawing was from "Where the Wild Things Are"(Maurice Sendak`s most well-known children`s picture book), I had the book since I was little, and this fall they gonna have the movie, but I didn`t put many expection after seeing the trailer... I mean, I love the book and I admire Tom Hanks, but I just think the movie it too Hollywood style, Anyway- I hope you like the drawing Kerstin, 'cause it`s gonna be one of my fav moly drawings.

oh and comparing to my last entry, seriously, I think an year and half makes an artist grows alot, thanks to Moly_x.


Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen (rightside) said...

WOOOWWWWW! Such an awesome entry!!! I love it so much :))) I am sure Kerstin will love it as well! BTW: that was one of my favorite books as a kid. :)

ksklein said...

this is lovely. why haven´t i commented that before???? i really do like the whole moly.
joyce, i liked your last entry too, but this one is just absolutly great. thanks.