Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lilith in my Myth Moly_x_20

My Moly_x_20 - Lilith
Sitting at sick at home, with no chance of going to bed during the past days, at least I had the chance to draw a little bit today. 
The pages I drew show Lilith in a comic version. (I think she must be from Marvel.) I´ve always been fascinated by the story of Adam´s first wife.
(I just love the top picture, which was altered with an iPhone app. I guess I do need some brighter colors to draw my stuff.)


Joyce Huang said...

absolutely love the drawing Kerstin :D
I'm so amazed by your line work especially the background, great colour too!
can't wait to get the book! I might draw something from the Narnia movie...

benconservato said...

Perfect Kerstin!
Your colours are just as they should be. You!

Kerstin Klein said...

Thanks, Joyce and Emma. Joyce, Narnia sounds great. Emma.... that makes me happy to read. :)

Anonymous said...

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