Saturday, May 17, 2008

Selfportrait ready to go out!

Lisa´s Moly_x_20
Finally I´m done with Lisa´s Moleskine.
Sometimes I have difficulties with self portraits (specially those showing teeth), then I don´t know how to use pencils for drawing (except for outlines). And the biggest difficulty: Lisa had left out the first set of pages by mistake. I filled them up, but I can tell you it was really hard for me to fill the page with the borders of the next artwork on the right side. It is much easier when the border is on the left side and you just continue drawing it. I was very unhappy with it, but now I added some paint, some glitter and paper and now it is okay. :)


Lisa CJ (rightside) said...

Yes Kerstin :( I'm sorry about my mess up, I felt bad for the next in line (obviously not bad enough to erase what I had started and move it down the line a few pages ;-) However, you were able to pull it off and it looks great! I like the text and the way you blended the images together. Yay!! Way to go :)

I will send Martha's moly to you by June 1st. :) Happy weekend to you!!

ksklein said...

Hey Lisa, don´t feel sorry. It was a good challenge for me. ;) And I would have never erased the pic, if I had drawn it in other pages either. :)
I´ll be back on June 2.

Marty Harris said...

This is a great start to this book. Nice personal content.

Occam`s razor said...

I think you really did a great job kerstin :)

hmm..this gonna be a challenge for me too. :-/