Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lisa`s moly, selfportrait theme

This is my entry in Lisa`s moleskine, I KNOW , it may looks kinds of creepy, but I think it`s better to express myself in this way, well... that`s me. :)

I use pencil drawings compose with little bit traditional chinese brush painting style.


Lisa CJ (rightside) said...

WOWWWWW! That is awesome! I have a soft spot for "creepy" so I'm glad it showed up in my moly, THANKS!

After you made that comment a few days ago, I got to thinking what I wanted to do for my Moly 21 group's book. And I think I am going to add some "creepy" to that book. Thanks for reminding me to express all facets of myself. :)

Occam`s razor said...

haha... Thank you Lisa ;p, hope you won`t be scared by this weird drawings ;p, this is pretty different from my usual artworks(from the way of expression and the technique), and honestly I don`t usually draw this way, but when the book theme comes to seriously like "the artist`s selfportrait", I decided to show my "inner personality" :P

I`m looking forward your moly21 works!!! :P

Leah Felicity said...

I love it! You're doing a beautiful job!

ksklein said...

this one is fantastic. love the "creepyness" of it. Though I don´t really consider it to be creepy. Showing the inner personality is much more interesting. I hope that in the second round I will be able to do that as well. I find this very very difficult.