Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Moleskines that went out this week!

I just sent off my second and third molys to Lee today. Here they are:

1. Myth Moleskine: I added the mermaid and fish.

2. Pop Culture Moleskine:
I got distracted and gave Catherine another head, which might not have been in keeping with the theme.

Click on the images to go to full-sized details.


ksklein said...

oh... love the myth moly... actually i love what it is turning into. a moly with lots of white space which i´m never capable of doing. i like the two additions a lot more than my own drawing.

Occam`s razor said...

ahaha..., I`m laughing so hard, my moly looks realy ineresting, actually I`m remorseful after I finished and sent off my moly, my entry is coarseness and lack of well-planning. so I decided to changed my entry drawing by adding some collages when I second time get my moleskine :-S

Lisa CJ (rightside) said...

I LOVE!!! the mermaid (sigh) wish she was in my moly!!! ;-)