Saturday, April 19, 2008

The blog...

Hey guys, does anyone has any idea about the blog? I`m thinking to add some widgets to the blog, maybe a cbox, links picture or twitter?
How do you guys think?

btw, I just saw this incredible drawing from gabi campanario , this is a really great idea!

Have a very nice weekend to everyone.



Anonymous said...

This is a great idea.
Our moly_x_20 books will also be making an international tour!

Occam`s razor said...

Yes! yes!
I just can`t wait it to get start!!! although I`m still doing my entries...hmm..

ksklein said...

gabi is just doing great stuff.

ksklein said...

I don´t have twitter. And what is cbox? Something with music?

I think it would be the easiest to keep the blog simple and similar to all the other moleskine exchange blogs. Then it will be easier to browse through them.
Additions and changes I would put at a lower place in the menu bar.

Occam`s razor said...

cbox is just a little message box, I also have one in moly_x 2, it`s just let people can shortly put their massege to the blog.

yeah you`re right, it`s better to keep the blog simple, and it`s also better to people to browse it, silly me. ;p

ksklein said...

i had done a few changes at the beginning and marty set everything back as a few things should not be changed. ;) e.g. the links to the other flickr groups.
but the cdbox actually sounds cool. i think it would be nice and seems practicable. can you do it? it is a great idea for short messages.