Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ready to leave Munich

Mail Art
A lot of you have already sent off their Moleskines. I´m also ready with the Moleskines for the 3 groups of the Moleskine exchange".


ksklein said...

I just went to the Post office. The office is closed at lunch time!! :( I´ll have to go again in the afternoon.

Marty Harris said...

You got that done in a hurry. Maybe you should start 3 more groups. Honestly, Kerstin, you have great energy and creativity. I'm thrilled that you're part of this adventure.

ksklein said...

*lol Thanks Marty! I´m really having fun.
The great thing is that the moleskines used for the exchange are the pocket sized ones. So a few pages can be done pretty quickly. I can always take one copy along and do some drawing whenever I have a few minutes.
Honestly, I have already some more participants for a new group. :D So I need a new blog and the promise that you won´t let me start a fifth or sixth group. :) I feel addicted!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the envelopes.

Yes Kirsten, you are a dynamo. Your enthusiasm is inspiring!

ksklein said...

Things I have fun doing usually I get done pretty fast. Unfortunately it is the other way round to.
Things I don´t like doing, I have to force myself to do! :)