Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moleskine Sketch

Gabi Campanario (whose art I admire) has drawn a wonderful drawing of the Japanese fold Moleskine. On it you can see that if there are 6 participants and if you start with the first pull out page, everybody gets the chance to draw 2.5 pages twice in every Moleskine. That means all the moleskines will be completed at the same time.
I think it will be nice to keep this in mind, but it doesn´t matter if one uses a bit more or a bit less space. I also like the idea of using half pages. That makes the blending easier.
What do you think? Do you want the art to blend in your Moleskine? Or do you prefer to have each extra? Will you have themes? Or will you leave that open for each artist?


Marty Harris said...

The whole reason for using the japanese fold Moleskine is so artists' drawings will overlap, interract, become one long piece of art. I encourage artists to draw around, through and over my entries. I think that will make this a unique experience.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the idea of half pages so that the art can intermingle if it wants to. As for a theme, I'll have to give that one some thought.

ksklein said...

Actually I have themes for the other two groups. Maybe I´ll leave this one without. We´ll see. I just can´t decide betwen the two: "Vampires and creepy stuff" or "Japaneses art, Geishas, Samurai, Manga, etc."

Lisa CJ (rightside) said...

Me too, I like the 2.5 pages and blending as well. Perhaps we should leave the idea of a "theme" or "no theme" up to the original owner. It might be fun to draw themes in some and just interact with the art in others.

Aurgh, I can't wait to get my hands on my Moleskine so that I can be ready to go in 2 weeks.

Are we sending them along in the order that the artists appear on the list?

ksklein said...

Of course everybody has to decide on their own how they want their moleskine to be filled.
yes, you sent the moleskine to the next one on the list here. i wrote in the email to everybody that if someone wants to change the order, they should let me know.

i first ordered 3 moleskines. two have been started, the third one will be started next week and yesterday another 3 arrived as they had a special price at amazon.