Monday, April 28, 2008

my moleskine index

Well...,just as I said in this little post-it note, I don`t really set a clear theme in my book, just feel free when you get my moleskine ;)

About my first entry, I did some little sketch from the late night tv series..., you know, sometimes they give me many inspiration ;p

Can`t wait to see other`s work!



ksklein said...

hey, your pages are lovely. i hadn´t expected anything else. the post-its are nice. i put a little notecard in the back pocket of the moleskine for everybody to read. i hope everybody will find it. :)

Occam`s razor said...

well you know I feel shame that you guys did so lovely index and even the cover ;p, so before I package my book I put did a little collage on the inner pocket of my moly, but I forgot to scan it :-O

ksklein said...

maybe the next one on the list can make a scan or a pic of it. i´m too curious. :)

Lisa CJ (rightside) said...

oh this one will be fun to add to and work in!!